Professor Info
Group leader: Ladan Naseh
Group Name: Nursing & Operating Room
Affiliation: School of Nursing (Borujen Branch)

Research Activities:
  • Euthanasia
  • nursing staff
  • nursing education
  • attitude of health personnel
  • nursing students

Selected Publications:
1. Naseh, L., Rafiei, H., Heidari, M. Nurses` attitudes towards euthanasia: A cross-sectional study in Iran. International Journal of Palliative Nursing 2015, 21(1), pp. 43-48. 
2. Zianezhad, U., Heidari, M., Ghodusi Borujeni, M., Naseh, L. A comparative study on the effects of verbal and non-verbal education on the knowledge and attitude of soldiers regarding the transmission and prevention of AIDS. Journal of Military Medicine 2014, 16(3), pp. 169-177.
3. Mahoozi, S., Heidari, M., Shahbazi, S., Naseh, L. Influence of training about carcinogenic effects of hookah smoking on the awareness, attitude, and performance of women. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 2017, 18(7), pp. 1967-1971.
4. Rafiei, H., Hosseinzadeh, K., Hoseinabadi-Farahani, M.J., (...), Aghaei, S., Mazroei, A. The relationship between psychological health and spiritual wellbeing in Iranian stoma patients. Gastrointestinal Nursing 2019, 17, pp. S18-S22.
5. Heidari, M., Ghodusi, M., Akbari, F.A., Naseh, L. Self-esteem and locus of control in the initial and final stages of drug withdrawal among addicts attending rehabilitation centers. Rawal Medical Journal 2018, 43(2), pp. 309-313.


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