Professor Info
Group leader: Saeed Zamani
Group Name: Pathology, Hematology & Anatomical Sciences
Affiliation: School of Medicine

Research Activities:

Selected Publications:
1. Surgical Anatomy of Foramen Tympanicum in Human skulls.9th International Congress of Anatomy. Hamedan. Iran. 2009

2. Determination of Rate of Prevalence of Caroticoclinoid Foramen in Dry Skulls of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences .Hamedan. Iran. 2009
3. Assessment of TGF-β3 effect on aggrecan production by chondrocytes in pellet culture system. Advanced Biomedical Research
4. Recognition of Cytokeratin 18 Marker by Flow Cytometry of Nucleus Pulposus Cells in Human Intervertebral Disc and Comparison of Proliferation and Morphology of these Cells in Chitosan-Gelatin and Alginate Scaffolds.JIMS.2012. vol188
5. Comparative Analysis of Collagen Type I and II Synthesis in Chondrocytes Derived Adipose Derived Stem Cells Versus Natural Articular Chondrocytes. L Dehghani, S Tahani, B Hashemibeni, S Zamani… - Cell Journal (Yakhteh), 2013
6. All-trans retinoic acid and genistein induce cell apoptosis in OVCAR-3 cells by increasing the P14 tumor suppressor gene.RPS,2016, Volume : 11 | Issue : 6 | Page : 505-512
7. All Trans Retinoic Acid activates the RAR-β and p14 tumor suppressor genes in OVCAR-3 cell line. International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research | ISSN 0976-2612 (Print) 2278 - 599X (Online)(acceptance)

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