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Clinical Biochemistry Research Center
Head of Clinical Biochemistry Research Center:

Clinical Biochemistry Research Center is one of the research centers at Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences which according to the verdict in the two hundred and seventh meeting of the extension council for University of Medical Sciences dated December 31, 2010, Clinical Biochemistry Research Center was established. Also, on January 5, 2014 Clinical Biochemistry Research center status was agreed to change from principle to definitive agreement.
1. The training of competent researchers in the field of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and cancer
2. The basic research for understanding, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and cancer in the region and contribute to the advancement of science in the country.
3. Conduct applied research to find appropriate ways to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and cancer.
4. Conducting research projects in cooperation with other national and international research centers on issues of mutual interest.
5. Carrying out fundamental research in order to solve problems in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and cancer support and cooperation of firms and pharmaceutical industry, research centers, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, tool and medical equipment.
6. Carry out fundamental and applied research in the field of traditional drugs used in cardiovascular, metabolic and cancer in order to identify the advantages and disadvantages with respect to the appropriate cultural context.
7. Scientific cooperation with the Association for the Protection of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain Disease Foundation in order to prevent and solve the problems of treatment.

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