Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Social Determinants of Health Research Center
Head of Social Determinants of Health Research Center:
Dr. Masoud Lotfizadeh
Tel: +983833332381
About The Center
The social determinants of health affect more than 50% of the illnesses, diseases and deaths in the world. According to the available evidence, the main health inequities are the result of the effects and non-symmetrical consequences of these social factors on the health of the people. Today, health outlooks have become more widespread and necessarily focused on determinants of non-medical health. Each of these determinants, by themselves or through their influence on each other, greatly affects the health status and causes inequities in health. These determinants, such as inheritance, lifestyle, environment, socioeconomic status, etc., have a significant impact on their health and health, including quality of life. Although medical care can lead to a lifetime or recovery from a serious illness, what is important to the health of the population is the socioeconomic conditions that make people sick or need medical care. In other words, social factors affecting the health of people such as income, education, occupation, nutrition, social class are more likely to cause diseases than biological factors, and they have a significant role in human health if they are neglected to achieve goals Health and justice in health. On the other hand, the role of health in promoting human development indicators is irrefutable. Therefore, the fight against factors (social) that affects health and also causes inequities in health are in fact the priorities of all branches of society and also the most important tasks of the state.
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