Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Cancer Research Center

Head of Cancer Research Center:
Dr. Kiavash Fekri

- Research on the causes of treatment and ways to prevent cancer 
- Molecular and genetic research on the causes of cancer and the genetic differences of individuals in response to chemotherapy drugs
- Research on Target Therapy Cancer to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs-
- Research on epidemiology and environmental and regional causes of cancer in the province, in collaboration with the provincial cohort center
Mission :
- Creating Facility for Clinical and Basic Cancer Research to Improve Public Health and Raise the Country's Academic Rank
- Participating in educational programs and becoming a higher research center in Iran based on research findings
- Collaborate with other research centers
-The Cancer Research Center is dedicated to supporting members of the faculty, staff and students, and utilizing technology, research and development, inter-sectoral collaboration, and a profuse space of creativity and innovation, become one of nationally-recognized centers around the country
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