Monday, April 12, 2021
Cellular & Molecular Research Center
Head of Cellular & Molecular Research Center:
Tel: +983833346692

Approval of principles: 2005/09/13
Date of notification of principle approval signed by senior officials of the university: 2006/02/19
Date of final approval from the ministry: 2007/10/28

To promote research and provide solutions for health care and according to the statute of the Cellular and Molecular Research Center that called research center in this statute were principal approved to provide the following objectives: 
1. Development and application of human knowledge in the sciences
2. Performing basic clinical and epidemiological researches in order to reform health care of country in order to responding of Islamic community necessity.
3. Gathering, regulation and classification of documents, articles and documents and publish them
4. Training of human researcher resources in medical and paramedical fields
5. Promote, encourage and employment of researchers
6. Attempt to attract the attention and cooperation of research centers and related executive in the country
7. Scientific cooperation with research and educational centers of other countries, and international organizations with the compliance of laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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