Sunday, December 6, 2020
Medical Plants Research Center Research Areas
 Research Areas
• Pharmacological and Therapeutical effects of naturals on:
- Experimental diabetes
- Metabolic diseases 
- Musculoskeletal disorders
- Cardiovascular function
- Psychiatry disorders
- Learning and memory
- Nociceptive like-behaviors
- Withdrawal syndromes
- Metabolic brain disorders
- Convulsive behaviors
- Prenatal development
- Urolithiasis
- Experimental cancers (in vivo and in vitro studies) 
- Aging processes
- Wound healing
- Microorganisms (Microbes, Viruses and Fungi)  
• Clinical trials of medicinal plants (Diabetes, fatty liver syndrome, osteoporosis,…)
• Evaluation of Teratogenic and Toxic Effects of naturals 
• Phytochemistry Studies of medicinal plants
- Determination of Chemical composition of essential oils
- Determination of total Phenolic and Flavonoid contents
- Determination of total Anthocynin contents
- Determination of total Mucilage contents
- Determination of total Saponin contents
- Determination of antioxidant activity of naturals
- Isolation and Identification of Plant Molecular Structures of Flavonoids
- Standardization and Identification of the Active Ingredients of Plants
- Preparation of herbal formulations (tea bag, ointment, cream, gels, syrup, capsule, …) 

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