Department of Nursing Principles & Practices:
The group of Nursing Principles and Practices of started in 1986, and now the group is covering almost half of the groups of the principles and practices of Nursing, Midwifery, Operating Rooms, Anesthesia, Radiology, and medical skills. 
Philosophy of the Department of Nursing Principles and Practices:
Providing a capable, creative and responsible students through planning, conducting theoretical and practical classes, and conducting clinical internships in principles and practices in different academic grades in order to provide human resources specializing in the care, support and training of patients to improve the quality of care of the patients and promote the level of health of the community and prevention of disabilities. Also, the production of knowledge related to the principles and techniques of nursing through research in order to provide services to clients.
Educational Goals of Nursing Principles and Practices:
1 - Training and education of empowered and committed nursing graduates by training and improving the level of knowledge, skills and their attitudes towards the knowledge and management of patients.
2 - Nursing professional skills development.
3 - Correct and accurate instruction on how to provide clinical skills to students at different levels of prevention, care and treatment, rehabilitation
Educational Goals:
1- Creating theoretical and practical abilities in Nursing, Midwifery and Operation Room students in clinical nursing skills fields.
2- Continuous review of the goals, program, and content of the students' education according to the needs of the community, learners and experts' views in accordance with the conditions and facilities of the community and providing feedback to the educational planners of the country.
3- Constant assessment of the progress of learners in achieving the educational goals of the group through the new evaluation methods.
4- Communicating and developing interdisciplinary interactions and transferring advanced and specialized skills and improving learner education.
1- Evaluation of the educational needs of students at different levels in research.
2- Preparation of research projects to improve teaching methods, evaluation with the aim of improving the quality of educational services
3- Identifying barriers to clinical skills in clinical education and planning to solve them.
4- Active presence of faculty members in the field of clinical education and detailed and accurate clinical skills training for students at the clinical skills and clinical center
5- Providing an appropriate setting for the correct learning of clinical skills and the training of powerful and motivated forces.
6- Holding short-term professional courses for the training of specialized nurses and promoting the quality of clinical, specialist and counseling services.
7- Effective interaction of faculty members with medical centers to identify needs, analysis of clinical problems in hospitals and their expertise and effective solutions.
8- The active presence of faculty members in the field of clinical practice and observation courses in various hospitals and advanced educational centers of the world in order to contribute to the efficiency of the clinical services system.
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