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Research Center in Health Modeling More Information
Our vision included the Effective and efficient use of actual and potential capabilities in Shahrkord university of medical sciences(SKUMS) in order to scientific research development and community health promotion. We decide to get a good place in Iranian modeling in health research centers’ ranking during next 5 years.
• To speed research promotion in academic staff of our university
• To promote research both in quality and quantity
• To be good-centered in modeling in health
• To promote collaboration between national and international centers
Modeling in Health Research Center is one of the research centers affiliated to the Research and Technology Dept. of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences.
By providing research projects and holding workshops related to research, through the statistical, economic, conceptual, mathematical, data mining and artificial intelligence modeling, the center will provide a basis for a better understanding of the current and future issues of health and Provides decision-making to solve these issues.
• To speed research promotion in academic staff of our university
• To promote research both in quality and quantity
• To provide infrastructure organizational and equipment and promote managerial capability of research center
1. Statistical modeling of health determinants and especially factors related to non-communicable diseases, time series models, regression models, multilevel analysis models, GIS, common disease risk modeling, screening evaluations, diagnosis of diseases and prevention models, Models of risk assessment for cardiovascular diseases and cancers.
2. Mathematical modeling of health-related factors, especially non-communicable diseases, numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, numerical methods for solving health modeling issues, mathematical modeling of cancer, dynamic models and interval calculations.
3. Economic modeling in non-obstructive diseases, cost-benefit assessment, non-communicable disease care assessment and hospital care.
4. Modeling artificial intelligence, neural network, fuzzy, classical and bias in health and non-communicable diseases and their risk factors.
5. Identification of patterns and trends of risk factors for communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases using models and prediction of burden of diseases.
6. Identification and analysis of factors related to survival of patients and the use of survival analysis models in communicable and non-communicable diseases.
7. Geographical and Spatial Analysis of Health and Illnesses and Determinants.
8. Evaluation and prioritization of health and safety indicators, demographic and related insurance and health surveys.
9. Assessing and improving the quality of medical and health statistics, mortality and disease statistics, and surveys of outbreaks.
10. Modeling the factors influencing the risk factors of cancers and their outcomes, cardiovascular diseases, accidents and accidents, mental illness, quality of life, health and social capital, respiratory diseases and COPD, stress, digestive diseases, ulcerative colitis, and kidney diseases.
11. Epidemiologic studies in the field of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
12- Study of the cohort of Shahrekord and creation of database on non-communicable diseases in rural and urban areas of Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province.
13. Epidemiological genetic studies in non-communicable diseases, especially diabetes, multiple sclerosis, addiction and substance abuse, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure
14. Data mining and health information technology, work with bulk data, health technology assessment
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