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Social Determinants of Health Research Center More Information
1. Attention to the continuous scientific and research promotion of the Social Health Effects Research Center of Shahrekord University
2. Attracting inter-sectional and inter-departmental collaboration to increase the resources of the center for conducting research focused on health-related social factors.
3. Involvement of NGOs to work more collaboratively with the Center for Socially Affecting Health
4. Establishing and increasing quantitative and qualitative research in the field of social determinants of health and equity in health
5. Empowering researchers and research enthusiasts through holding workshops
6. Identifying and directing research on people who are interested in the field of social determinants of health
7. Purposeful research on SDH and equity in health
8. Deploying and using SDH research findings and health equity

Areas of activity of the Center for the Investigation of Social Factors Affecting Health:
Health Education & Health Promotion
Environment Health
Occupational Health
Life Style
Quality of Life
Health System
Women Health
Child Health
Religion and Spirituality
Social security
Social support
Social pathology
Equitable Health

Mission Center for Research on Social Factors Affecting Health: 
Quantitative and qualitative research focused on socially effective factors affecting health with the aim of promoting community health and production of knowledge in the province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari with respect to community needs, utilizing public participation and relying on researchers and employees interested in activities In this area

Prospects for Research Center for Social Factors Affecting Health:
Achieve a place that meets university requirements among research centers
Identification of the center as the reference to provide research on social determinants of health, especially in this area of the country, introducing the center as one of the country's scientific observers to international health organizations such as who

The Foundation Values of the Center for the Investigation of Socially Affecting Factors:
The SDH Research Center of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, with respect to researchers and professionals, respects and adheres to the ethical standards of research, observance and respect for human values of interest in research and emphasizes the pursuit of community-based research.
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