Goals and mission
Mission :
Information and Statistics Governance in Decision Making in Management as an Effective Tool
Goals :
1) Modification and promotion of the registration system based on the statistics and information processes
    a) Modification of the existing information system for the organization of the registration statistical system
    b) Codification of a table of work processes and determination of bottleneck, and modification and upgrading of processes
    c) Planning for the development of uniform statistical eForms for the university
    d) Planning for the preparation and publication of statistical yearbook for the university

2) Empowerment and promotion of staff at different levels and promotion of statistical culture
    a) Planning for a specialized workshop for statisticians
    b) Development and enhancement of statistical software.

3) Designing and launching an information management dashboard for the university
    a) The development of information technology and the creation of statistical databases
    b) Determination of general policies and the information required by decision makers
    c) Determination of information production processes and information bottleneck
    d) Evaluation and modification of information packages
    e) Planning for the production and dissemination of electronic statistical packages
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