Department of Environmental Health Engineering
The Department of Environmental Health started its work with the establishment of the Faculty of Health in 2004 and with the admission of undergraduate students in environmental health engineering as an independent group. In 2010, the group succeeded in obtaining a master's degree in environmental health engineering. After about 7 years of M.A. Prgram Degree , in September 2018, the group succeeded to set up and receive Ph.D. students. The group now has 6 full-time teaching staff (1 professor, 4 associate professors, and 1 assistant professor) and a faculty member who offers his/ her educational and research activities to students in three sections: undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. 
Educational Objectives of the Group:
The training of well-trained and expert human resources in a wide variety of environmental health , is the main objective of the Environmental Health department and presents in two levels.
Research Goals of the Group:
The general purpose of research activities in the environmental health department is implementing basic, applied research projects in various parts of the environment.
The main Activities of This Group Are:
1 - Theoretical and practical teaching of students at different levels, according to the approved programs and providing specialized training in the fields related to the specialty of the group.
2 - Conducting basic applied research and development in various areas of environmental health according to tangible needs based on research priorities of the group.
3 - Holding and participating in conferences and workshops at the national and regional levels
4 - Providing educational, research, and consulting services to the community
5 - Providing laboratory services for the recognition of environmental pollutants (water, sewage, etc.)
One of the main missions of this field is to educate graduates who are aware of the scientific issues of the day, capable, responsible and sensitive to the health of individuals and the environment in the field of environmental health engineering sciences including water, sewage, air, and waste. This group fulfills its mission by providing expert human resources, to meet the needs of the community in the fields of education, research, executive, consulting and management, promotion of community health and welfare, production and dissemination of knowledge and technologies for the preservation and improvement of the environment, providing appropriate and practical solutions for utilizing environmental resources for sustainable development and also improving the national economy through capacity building for reducing environmental pollution and damage caused by that , through developing knowledge and research to achieve efficient and practical methods. 
Fields and Grades of the Group:
- Continuous bachelor of Environmental Health Engineering
- Master of Environmental Health Engineering
- Ph.D. in Environmental Health
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