Bachelor’s degree
Curriculum of Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Engineering
Field definition: The field of health is a branch of the health sciences .Graduates of this discipline monitor or prevent hazardous effects of pollutants by identifying hazardous and polluting environmental factors, performing planning, design, implementation, monitoring, management and training evaluation based on scientific criteria.
Field mission: The field of environmental health is formed to provide the necessary training programs to talented young people in the specialized field in accordance with the prevailing values of society, laws and regulations, existing standards, developments and regional and international developments. The mission of the graduates is to promote environmental health culture and community health, as well as taking effective steps to protect the environment.
Field Vision: By providing up-to-date educational services to the young generation of the country through the use of new technologies, we are trained to empower forces in designing, managing, and implementing environmental health projects. We have also become one of the most prominent disciplines in the country by improving the quality and quantity of this course and to be a role model for the region and the world in environmental health education programs.
Overall Goals: The main purpose of this discipline is to educate graduates who have the necessary skills to perform an environmental health professional's job, including:
A) Play an effective role in promoting workplace hygiene and solving environmental problems.
B) Identification of physical, chemical and biological operations and processes to improve the environment.
C) Recognition and use of equipment, sensing equipment for measuring pollutants.
D) Recognize and select efficient technologies in the field of pollution control.
E) Design of water, sewage and air treatment systems and waste disposal methods.
F) Ability to participate in the design and operation of water transmission and distribution systems and sewage collection.
G) Understand the methods of evaluation, monitoring and management of environmental health.
H) Understand pollution control laws, standards and programs.
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