Ph.D. programs
Curriculum of Ph.D. degree in Environmental Health Engineering
Introduction: Regarding the necessity of providing staff of environmental health professionals in educational, research and executive institutes of the country as well as for environmental protection and proper utilization of the environment, the environmental health education course has been developed with the following Ph.D.
Definition and Purpose: Ph.D. in Environmental Health is one of the higher education complexes. The purpose of this course is providing the teaching staff required by the universities and to provide experts who are capable of providing the necessary services in research, planning and implementation institutions, whether public or private, on all environmental issues related to water, soil and air. He has presented these areas or through research help to develop and expand environmental knowledge.
Length of Course: The Ph.D. course in Environmental Health with projects and theses is a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years, which will be offered as a semester and a maximum of 12 credits per semester. Students are required to spend at least 16 core courses units, 6 non-core courses units, 2 project units each and submitting a thesis worth 18.
Ability and Capacity: Graduates of this course will be able to perform the following roles and jobs:
- Teaching environmental health courses in higher education institutes
- Research on environmental issues
- Perform educational and research planning
- Planning the implementation of environmental health projects
- Performing the responsibility of managing and managing environmental and environmental health units in organs and institutions
- Consulting and commenting on specialized matters
Necessity and importance:
- Higher education institutions need experienced and qualified teachers
- Research institutes need researchers familiar with the environment to do basic and applied research in the environmental sciences
- The need for business managers to carry out development projects in organizations
- The need for planning agencies to provide correct assessment of adverse environmental impacts to improve the planning environment and to minimize adverse project effects.
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