Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
In 2004, with the establishment of the college of health in Shahrekord University of medical science, the department of epidemiology and biostatistics was formed independently. The main task of this group is the teaching of vital statistics courses, epidemiology courses, specialty courses in master of Biostatistics, specialty courses in master of Epidemiology, research methodology in health sciences and medicine, statistics and advanced research methodology for undergraduate and postgraduate students, information systems medical and nursing, computer and health data analysis, statistical counseling and designing various epidemiological studies in research projects and student dissertations, and holding research methodology workshops, epidemiological studies and statistical software training in the university. In this group, STATA, R, Arc GIS, and SPSS software are taught and used professionally.
The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of Shahrekord University of Medical Science is trying to work with the knowledge and ability approach , and using day science in a relaxed and intimate environment in the education of students of various medical sciences, and in particular the related graduate students, in the field of education, research and management in the health system. In the production of science, research and technology be diligent, and try to work towards the development of an efficient, committed, devout, and compassionate human force for the community. This group seeks to provide, maintain and enhance the level of health of the community through activities such as policy-making and helping to improve the design and implementation of health programs in the country, especially in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province and is committed to promoting research, technology, and education in Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences and country.
Research Activities:
- The existence of a Modeling Health Research Center: Acceded to the approval of the Council for the Development of Universities
- The existence of a research center on social factors affecting health: Acceded to the approval of the Council for the Development of Universities.
- The presence of faculty members in the committee and research councils of colleges, research centers and universities.
- Statistical consultation of plans and theses.
- Holding workshops of statistical software and research methodology.
- Specific field of Shahrekord prospective cohort studies affiliated with modeling research center in health with a cohort of 10,000,000 people
Fields and Academic Degrees Group: 
Master of Epidemiology 
Master of Biostatistics
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