Emergency Medical Group
The newly formed Emergency Medical department of Borujen, in the framework of health-based community policies, was established in 2014 to improve the quality of education. The main objective of the formation of training groups is to create the appropriate context for the exchange of effective experiences, collaboration and intellectual interaction among members of the faculty that are familiar with the educational process, research and clinical situation in the respective group. These factors will improve training, research, and clinical emergency medicine, using the best available resources. For this reason:
- All activities of the group will be designed and implemented in order to achieve health promotion and prevention activities until rehabilitation.
- By conducting evidence-based research, problems in the health care system are identified and solutions provided.
- Using critical thinking strategies, problem-solving and decision making of curriculum and education are designed and implemented.
- In order to improve the quality of educational / research / clinical services, innovation and change in the performance of emergency medical students should be considered.
- Preparing students, teachers, and emergency medical researchers to make changes in the care of patients, in changing, diverse and complex care fields through academic governance, functional and fundamental research, monitoring clinical performance and engaging in healthy activities in national, regional and international dimensions.
The mission of this group is to educate informed, committed and competent medical experts and emergency medical experts who are committed to devising adequate knowledge and skills to care for patients and to maintain and promote the health of the individual, family, and community at various levels of prevention.
Educational mission:
Training and empowering emergency medical students to provide care services to different clients in care, education, support, and rehabilitation fields.
Overall Educational Objectives
1. Creating a scientific and practical ability in emergency medical students in the field of prevention and treatment.
2. Revision of educational content and lesson plans related to the Emergency Medical Department.
3. Review and enhance the teaching practices and evaluation in the group.
4. Educational needs assessment of Emergency Medical of practitioners and personnel related to the Medical Emergency career in In the field of health
5. Development of continuous workshops to meet the educational needs of emergency medical students.
6. Determining the minimum levels of learning at each level and continually review them.
Research mission:
Developing and expanding research among students and members of the group in order to develop knowledge in the field of health and promotion of health, as well as improving the quality of care in this area through research in the field of health and disease and provision of opportunities for the creation and development of the spirit of collective participation in conducting research activities in group and between groups.
Overall research goals:
1. Promoting emergency medical knowledge through research activities by professors and students.
2. Creating a research capability for students in order to participate and collaborate with the health system in implementing health research.
3. Training and preparing emergency medical students to identify research priorities in the field of health, their professional challenges, clients' needs and problems, inter-sectoral health challenges, efforts to reduce challenges and providing appropriate suggestions.
Clinical Mission:
Educating practitioners and emergency medical experts with clinical and scientific skills to provide patient care services and maintaining and enhancing the health of the individual, family, and community at various levels of prevention.
Overall clinical goals:
1. Improvement of clinical skills of students in clinics by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
2. Improving the delivery of clinical services to patients through the development and improvement of appropriate clinical education for students.
3. Providing educational services to patients and their families in order to achieve health promotion.
4. Familiarizing clients and families with the basic concepts of health and disease in the field of health, prevention strategies, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases in the community.
5. Coordinating theoretical and clinical education
The view of the Emergency Medical Group is to enable trainees to carry out care services in the community based on processes and relying on roles of care, education, research, counseling, diagnosis, prevention and management in the region. In this regard, the increasing attention of managers and policymakers of the health system to the health of the community is considered.
The emphasis on ethical, spiritual, professional, and legal values is an integral part of the medical emergencies education in the non-continuous/interrupted course. 
Considering that our country has a high rate of a traffic accident and cardiovascular events and injuries due to these accidents are one of the main recipients of pre-hospital emergency, this issue is considered in the training of this field.
The high prevalence of natural disasters and accidents and preparedness to deal with it is one of the most important educational issues and increasing the capabilities of graduates of this field.
Familiarity with the most recent methods of treatment, software and hardware at pre-hospital level, and also knowledge, skill, strength, speed, and accuracy are among the main subjects of these students' educational texts.
Maintaining human dignity in the service and observance of human and individual rights and respect for human personality is seen as a pivot of value in the scientific texts and the training provided to these students.
Research as a foundation for all fields of study in this field is of great importance. Students' education is considered on the basis of the research-based principle.
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