Friday, September 18, 2020
Clinical Biochemistry Research Center Research Areas
The main areas of research:
1. Molecular study of cardiovascular disease, metabolic and cancer
2. Examine the mechanism of action of drugs used in cardiovascular, metabolic and cancer drugs act to find bottlenecks in order to contribute to the development of drugs that act more specific and have fewer side effects
3. Pharmaceutical research to find the influence of native herbal medicines in cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and cancer
4. Search of lowering blood sugar and lipid in native plants and their mechanism of action.
5. Collaborate with other centers in the field of education, short-term and long-term courses and workshops of educational and research.

Important steps taken in the center:
1. Producing knowledge through the publication of scientific articles
2. Workshops
3. The training of human resources trained in the fields of research
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