Friday, June 5, 2020
International e-Conference on Cancer Research 2019
About Conference:
ICCR 2019 is an extraordinary event that invites participants from different leading universities, clinical research institutions and various diagnostic companies to share their research experiences in all aspects of this rapidly expanding field and provides an opportunity to communicate with leading doctors, surgeons, scientists, academic professionals and students from around the world and listen to top speakers on new developments that impact and advance future of cancer science.
Conference Topics:
- Cancer vaccines
- Immunotherapy and other therapeutics
- Analysis of tumor growth
- Immunogenic cell death in cancer
- Biomarker discovery from big pharmacogenomic data

- Cancer epigenetics
- Genetic markers / Biomarkers
- Organ-specific cancers
- ENT / Thyroid
- Breast
- Colon

- Lung
- Multiple Myelomas
- Neuro-oncology
- Cancer Diagnostics Tools, Technologies and Procedures
- Cancer Radiology
- Cancer Biopsy
- Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment

- Clinical Cancer research
- Precision Medicine and Immuno-Oncology
- Cancer Treatment and Therapies
- Radiation therapy
- Immunotherapy
- Chemotherapy

- Hormone therapy
- Blood and bone marrow transplant
- Biologic therapy
- Cancer Diagnostics Market
- Recent Diagnostics Technologies
- Cancer Clinical Trails

- Cancer Biology
- Carcinogenesis
- Oncogenomics
- Organ Based Cancers
- Hereditary Cancers
- Cancer Epigenetics
- Cancer Metastasis

- Cancer Pharmacology
- Cancer and the Immune System
- Molecular Medicine and Diagnostics
- Stem cell and regeneration

- Molecular medicine, biology and pathology
- NGS assay selection, validation and compliance
- Coverage advanced diagnostics

- Cancer-Genomics and Metabolomics
- Therapeutics of Cancer
- Neuro-oncology
- Precision Medicine and Cancer Therapy
- Stem Cell Transplant Therapy

- Cancer Management and Prevention
- Screening for Cancer
- Alternative Medicine and Cancer
- Cancer Research
- Cancer Imaging
- Pharmacology

- Pharmacogenomics
- Pharmacognosy
Novel Approaches to Cancer Therapies
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