Mrs. Mina shirvani
Faculty: School of Nursing (Borujen Branch)
Department:  Nursing & Operating Room
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Research Officers
Educational Staff 
News & Clinical Activities
1. Earn three double-digit country rankings by undergraduate Operating room technology students in the postgraduate examination at the year 2019 and accept 4 undergraduate nursing students at the Graduate School with nationally-ranked rankings at type one universities.
2. Acquire top positions by students of this faculty in Operating Room Technology Science Olympiad in the academic year 2018-19
3. Changing the Physical Space and Expanding the Clinical Skills Room by Separating the Nursing and Operating Room
4. Complete the equipment required for the Clinical Skill Rooms and update the equipment list
5. Visiting Nursing students and operating room students in various wards of Valiasr Hospital in Boroujen ....
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