Professor Info
Group leader: Masoumeh Mousavi
Group Name: Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Affiliation: School of Health

Research Activities:

gifted child

alcohol use


population base study

hiv infections

Selected Publications:

1.       M Mousavi, M Fararouei, PA Kazerooni, M Nasirian, H Ghaem. Population based estimation of point and period prevalence of sexully transmitted infections based the iranian symptoms surveillance system. Amazonia Investiga 2019, 8 (18), 29-42.

2.       PA Kazerooni, Z Khazaei, M Mousavi, S Khazaei, M Sohrabivafa. Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis among homeless individuals. Immunopathologia Persa 2018.

3.       R Norouzirad, Z Khazaei, M Mousavi, HA Adineh, M Hoghooghi. Epidemiology of common cancers in Dezful county, southwest of Iran. Immunopathologia Persa 2017.

4.       N Khanjani, M Mousavi, A Dehghanian, Y Jahani, H Souri. The role of drug and alcohol use and the risk of motor vehicle crashes in Shiraz, Iran, 2014: A case-crossover study. Traffic Injury Prevention 2017, 573-576.

5.       Kazerooni, Parvin Afsar; Mousavi, Masoumeh; Khazaei, Zaher; et al. The prevalence of HIV among female head of household in Shiraz in 2015. Immunopathologia Persa 2018.


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