Bachelor’s degree
Curriculum of Bachelor’s degree in Department of Public Health
Field definition: The field of public health is simply a branch of the health sciences whose primary purpose is to address the needs of the community and to improve the quality of their health. In fact, those who study in this field have a duty to ensure the health of individuals in the community and to prevent any event that may endanger their health or harm their health.
Field mission: The mission of the public health field is to educate, believe in and understand the concepts, foundations and strategies of providing, maintaining, and promoting health for the community - family and individual.
Field Vision: By consolidating their position in the health and education sector based on international standards, learners will be able to integrate into the labor market and meet the needs of the community.
Overall Goals: raining and training of forces that:
1 .Knowledge and practice in accordance with the needs of the environment, society, family and individual and with the assessment and evaluation of risk factors and interventions and changes in environmental health, society, family and individual.
2.Know how human, environmental, economic and social factors affect the provision, maintenance and promotion of health at different levels.
3. Know how to intervene through needs assessments, health education, epidemic control, nutrition care, and changes in health indicators at the community health level..
At a glance:
Course name: Bachelor of Public Health
Course length and shape of the educational system:
-Based on the Rules of Education of Associate Degrees, Bachelors and Continuing Bachelors It is the Supreme Council for Medical Planning.
Total number of courses:
The number of courses in this course is 130 units as follows:
A) General Courses: 22 credits
B) Basic Courses: 22 credits Compulsory Core Courses (60 units)
D) Field training: 16 units
Total of 132 units
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